Craps is the only game where all of the players are playing together.  This is frequently the loudest and most fun game as all people win - and lose - together. 


Every role of the dice is exciting.  (There are 188 different betting combinations!)




How to play:

One player, known as the "shooter", throws a pair of dice. All wagers must be placed before the shooter throws the dice.

Pass Line
The Pass Line is an even money bet. Place your chips on the designated Pass Line area. On the "come out" roll (the fist roll), you win on a "natural" (seven or 11). You lose on "craps" (two, three or 12). Any other number rolled is called the "point", and the shooter must roll the point again before a seven is rolled in order to win the Pass Line wager. On the next come-out roll, the same shooter keeps the dice until he fails to make the point by rolling a seven. When the shooter "sevens out", the dice pass to the next shooter.

Don't Pass Line - Opposite of the Pass Line
You win on two or three (12 is a tie). You lose on natural seven or 11 on the first roll. You win after the first roll if the shooter rolls a seven before making his point. However, you lose if the shooter successfully makes his point.

"Taking Odds"
Once a point is made on the first roll or a come point on a succeeding roll, you may make an additional wager on the point by "taking the odds" and you win if the point or payoffs for taking odds are:

  Odds Payouts:

        4 and 10 are 2 to 1

        5 and  9 are 3 to 2

        6 and  8 are 6 to 5

"Laying" Odds
Wagering your odds on the Don't Pass or Don't Come bets are in reverse of the Pass Line and Come Bets. Instead of taking odds you may "lay the odds" in order to win. For example, if the point is four or 10 you may "lay" $20 in order to win $10 that the shooter will roll a seven before the established point.

Come Bets
The Come bet is identical to a Pass Line wager, except it is only made when a point is already established. Just like the Pass Line, on the first roll you win on seven or 11 and lose on craps (two, three or 12). Any other number that comes up is a "Come point" and must be thrown before a seven is thrown.

Don't Come Bets
Opposite of the Come bet, except that a first roll of two or three wins, 12 is a tie, and you lose on seven or 11. Any other number thrown is the "Come point" and you win if a seven is rolled before the Come point and lose if the Come point is made before a seven is thrown.

Place Bets
Any time after the point is established, you may "Place" one or more wagers directly on either 4,5,6,8,9 or 10. This is a wager that the shooter will roll the number you wagered on before a seven. The payoffs for Place bets are listed below. On winning Place bets, the dealer will pay your winnings and leave your original bet "in action."

Field Bets

A one-roll bet. You win if the shooter rolls 2,3,4,9,10,11 or 12 and lose if the shooter rolls any other number. The winning pay-off is at even money except for a 2 and 12, which pays 2 to 1.

Proposition Bets - One-roll bets with a high pay-off.
Two and twelve pay 30 to 1. "Any Craps" (two, three, or twelve) pay 7 to 1. Three and eleven pay 15 to 1.

Hardway bets are available on 4,6,8 or 10. To win a Hardway bet, the shooter must roll the number you wagered on as a pair. You lose if the number comes up any other way, or if a seven is thrown before the specified hardway is made.


                 Hard 6 and Hard 8:  9 to 1

                 Hard 4 and Hard 10: 7 to 1

Dream Dealers Craps table at Celebrity Martini, raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Devil's Martini, March 7, 2009

Scottsdale Graduation Party Casino Night

ASU Graduation Party Casino Night



Only the Dream Dealers equipment is user friendly.   The odds for the various bets are printed on the felt.   This is a convenience for experienced players and a great learning tool for rookie players!


Dream Dealers Craps Layout with the various odds


Teaching craps at the Luke Air Force Base's Holiday Party

Craps involves three Dealers to effectively run the table.  There are two "dealers" on one side of the 12 foot table and one "Stick Person" on the opposite side to control the game and call out the action.

Shooting craps at the Bayless Insurance Holiday Party

Corporate Holiday Party Casino Night



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Dream Dealers Craps Layout